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Backbone Cabling of Loveland, Colorado 

As many small businesses, Backbone Cabling started with a home office and a garage. With combined resources, the founder, John Cox, worked hard to gain his first job and grow his reputation. John believes that if you are honest and work hard, you will be successful. Today, Backbone Cabling is proud to serve Northern Colorado with a higher standard of service and integrity to an industry they love.

Backbone Cabling’s goal is to provide high quality structured cabling and low voltage systems to meet and exceed their customer’s individualized goals while providing complete, timely, and comprehensive customer support.

All members of the professional management team, lead technician team, and staff at Backbone Cabling hold themselves to a high standard of setting, pursuing, and exceeding their service objectives for their customers.

Fair Pricing: By giving options to our clients’ needs and future plans.
Standards: Backbone Cabling follows IEEE and NFPA for telecom.
Qualifications: Our employees are trained and evaluated regularly.

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We take pride in our work at Backbone Cabling and it shows in every job and referral. We’re excited to meet you and learn about your cabling needs today!


Founder & Estimator

Designs, Installs and manages new and existing Low Voltage Cabling to ensure the highest standard in network connection and reliability.


Co-Owner & Office Administrator

Manages day to day operations of Backbone Cabling including scheduling, customer relations, employee education and on-site safety.

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Backbone Cabling is looking for trained and motivated individuals to join the team. Call 970-556-3287 for more info and how to submit a resume.

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Backbone Cabling

Loveland, Colorado


5 Star Review

When our house was built there was no consideration for internet, but when we finished the basement we installed 3 ethernet connections. We were using WiFi on the main floor and it was adequate when we only had 20MPS connection speeds. When Gigabit service arrived the difference in speed was very obvious in both speed and reliability. So we contacted Backbone cabling to add 3 ethernet leads to the main floor. With the finished basement, the easy routing was gone. John and his crew arrived on time and figured out a way to do the job. The job was neat, the cleanup was thorough, and when it was finished everything worked. Now we have a connection speed of 945 MPS on the main floor.

Backbone Cabling deserves the 5-star rating.”

– Joyce & Harvey H.

5 Star Review

“Very competent, straightforward, and top of all that very reasonably priced. Fixed the mess that was done by either Comcast or CenturyLink to my residential house Ethernet and phone system. Now works; add works superbly. A lot of work accomplished in 3 hours. Nothing in the system has worked this well since I moved in. If you want some media thing installed, do not use Comcast or Century – Use Backbone Cabling.” – Joe S.

5 Star Review

“We have been working with Backbone Cabling for years. John has always been one of my most responsive subcontractors in terms of reliability and professionalism. John is a very hard worker and it shows through with his attention to detail. I would recommend him any time!” – Sam S.

5 Star Review

“Backbone Cabling did the entire cable network for a new office fit-out. Of all the contractors who worked with us, Jon was the best. His work was professional and very tidy. He provided regular updates on his progress throughout the job and asked questions rather than assuming what we wanted. When we changed the requirements slightly, he was very flexible and still managed to complete the job on time. Thanks!” – Jo T.

5 Star Review

“We were fortunate to find Backbone by a web search. Glad we did! We had multiple jobs done and they were done beautifully. John is very courteous and professional, the workmanship is first-rate, and the price made it a great value. Highly recommend Backbone Cabling.” – Roger H.

5 Star Review

“Backbone cabling was a saving grace after a previous installer came in and basically made a mess of our new low voltage installation. John came in, analyzed our challenges, and executed cleaning up and finishing the installation with a level of professionalism that is hard to find today. He took a frustrating situation and turned it into something we walked away from feeling good. I would recommend John for all of your cabling needs; you will not be disappointed.” – Austin H.

Our projects

At Backbone Cabling we take pride in our work and delivering results on time, every time. 

Residential & Commercial Low-Voltage Cabling Services.

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access control services backbone cabling

Access Control Install & Setup Services

Access control is a system that helps you understand how your building or site is being used, by tracking when individuals enter and leave certain rooms and locations, as well as improving the overall security of your site.

Fiber Optic Cabling Install & Repair Services

Backbone Cabling specializes in installing, splicing, and certifying single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cables. By taking fiber optic cabling to the far reaches of your building or campus, you create a future-ready network.

Fiber Optic & Ethernet Cabling Certification

We specialize in fiber optic and ethernet cabling testing and certification. New construction and commercial cabling systems can be extremely complex, you need a trusted 3rd party to verify and certify your new cabling.

Structured Cabling Installation & repair

Backbone Cabling’s goal is to provide high quality structured cabling and low voltage systems to meet and exceed their customer’s individualized goals while providing complete customer support.

Network Room Upgrade and installation

 By designing for scalability, keeping it simple and being flexible and adaptable to change, Backbone Cabling’s trusted reputation in Network Room/Closet buildouts can save you time and money.

Demarc Extension Services

Backbone Cabling’s experts can plan for and ensure your extended cable, equipment, installations, and repairs will meet your budget and needs well into the future. Contact us today for more information.

Site Survey Services 

Our knowledgeable technicians at Backbone Cabling can help you with a specific cabling issue or a whole building cabling solution. A whole site survey can help to determine any add-ons or removal of redundant cabling at your site.

Wireless Point to Point Solutions

Sometimes cabling from Point A to Point B is not possible. Many times, the answer is, but not limited to a Point to Point Wireless bridge. This bridge is a wireless data link between two fixed points.

Security System Installation & Setup

We have a proven reputation for providing high-quality structured cabling & low voltage systems to meet & exceed their client’s individualized goals while providing complete customer support.

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