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Backbone Cabling

Backbone Cabling is looking for trained and motivated individuals to join the team. Use the button below to fill out an application online or call 970-556-3287 for more information and how to submit a resume.

Use the buttons above to get access to the application PDF. Fill out the application in new browser tab then press print > save to PDF and email your filled out application to

Backbone Cabling’s goal is to provide high quality structured cabling and low voltage systems to meet and exceed their customer’s individualized goals while providing complete, timely, and comprehensive customer support.

All members of our professional management team, lead technician team, and staff at Backbone Cabling hold themselves to a high standard of setting, pursuing, and exceeding their service objectives for their customers.

Fair Pricing: By giving options to our clients’ needs and future plans.
Standards: Backbone Cabling follows IEEE and NFPA for telecom.
Qualifications: Our employees are trained and evaluated regularly.